دانلود ANSYS Discovery Ultimate 2023 R1 x64 - نرم افزار پیشرفته شبیه‌سازی مهندسی به صورت زنده و تعاملی

دانلود ANSYS Discovery Ultimate 2023 R1 x64 - نرم افزار پیشرفته شبیه‌سازی مهندسی به صورت زنده و تعام

دیسکاوری التیمیت ۲۰۲۳

ANSYS Discovery از نرم افزارهای پیشرفته کمپانی ANSYS است که مهندسین را قادر می‌سازد به شبیه‌سازی، مدلسازی و آنالیز سازه ها و سیالات بپردازند. محیط شبیه‌ سازی این نرم افزار که به  صورت کاملا تعاملی طراحی شده است، مهندسین را قادر می‌سازد تا در هر مرحله و درجه‌ای که هستند به جستجو و خلق ایده‌های خود بپردازند. شبیه‌ سازی در این نرم افزار ساده‌تر است؛ این نرم افزار شبیه‌ سازی‌ ها را طی زمانی نزدیک به لحظه محاسبه می‌کند.
در این نرم افزار محیطی برای شبیه‌سازی خودکار و لحظه‌ای بوده و با مدل‌سازی هندسه ارتباط نزدیک دارد تا بتواند محیط طراحی تعاملی را ایجاد کند. با پشتیبانی از سیالات رایج، سازه‌ها و کاربردهای شبیه‌سازی حرارتی، این نرم افزار مهندسین را قادر می‌ساز تا به آزمایش ایده‌های خود پرداخته و بازخورد تغییرات خود را به صورت لحظه‌ای مشاهده کنند.

- محاسبه تغییرات فیزیکی بصورت بلادرنگ و تعاملی:
در این نرم افزار میتوانید به سرعت آثالر ناشی از تغییرات فیزیکی را مشاهده کنید به عنوان مثال هنگامی که بار به صورت لحظه ای افزایش یافت یا متریال تغییر کرد و یا شتاب ورودی به صفر رسید، نرم افزار فوراً تغییرات را اعمال می کند و نسبت به تغییرات به شما دید جامعی می دهد.

- تغییر هندسه ها به صورت تعاملی:
مهندسین دیگر نیازی نیست تا برای تغییر هندسه منتظر بمانند؛ این نرم افزار به صورت زنده و در لحظه، نتایج را با تغییر هندسه مجدداٌ حساب می‌کند. با استفاده از این قابلیت می‌توانید به صورت لحظه‌ای اثر تغییر نیرو را مشاهده کنید، وقتی ماده تغییر می‌کند یا سرعت ورودی به صفر می‌رسد. همچنین می‌توانید تعداد معینی فیزیک به مدل اضافه کنید و سایر آماده‌سازی‌های هندسی را از بین ببرید.

- ارائه نتایج به صورت لحظه ای و تعاملی:
این نرم افزار برای هر سوالی که از او بپرسید، سریعاً یک پاسخی به دست می‌آورد. برای مثال در شبیه‌سازی سیالات، هیچ نرم افزار شبیه‌سازی مهندسی وجود ندارد که به شما اجازه دهد موقعیت، نرخ و اندازه یک ذره را در یک مرحله تغییر دهید و بلافاصله به Composite view بازگشته و حداکثر فشار را در سرتاسر مدل ببینید. بدون شک این نرم افزار یکی از انقلابی‌ترین محصولات طراحی سه‌بعدی و مهندسی خواهد بود.

قابلیت‌های کلیدی نرم افزار ANSYS Discovery:
- طراحی قدرتمند سه‌بعدی صنعتی و مهندسی
- شبیه‌سازی پیشرفته بسیاری از پدیده‌های مهندسی
- شبیه‌سازی لحظه‌ای و زنده
- بررسی اثر تغییرات هندسه بر نتایج شبیه‌سازی محصول
- محیط کاربری کاملاً تعاملی و هوشمند
- تغییر خواص مدل و ارزیابی آنی نتایج
- شبیه‌سازی حرارتی، مودال و سازه
- شبیه‌سازی دینامیک سیالات محاسباتی
- مش‌بندی بر اساس محیط اطراف
- جریان‌های کاری شبیه‌سازی هدایت شده
- و ...

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Discovery Ultimate 2023

ANSYS Discovery Live - The instant, interactive simulation environment of ANSYS Discovery Live allows engineers — at all levels and in every discipline — to explore their concepts and designs. Dramatically easier to use than other simulation tools, Discovery Live performs simulation in near real-time.

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سیستم مورد نیاز نرم افزار Discovery Ultimate 2023

Ansys Hardware Recommendations & Supported 3rd Party Software:
Ansys's comprehensive suite of software places demands on computing and hardware resources that can vary significantly from one model to another.

Individual hardware needs are dependent on various factors that increase or decrease requirements and the information in this article is intended to be used as guidelines.

Supported Operating Systems
General Recommendations
• In general,Windows 10 (Pro,Enterprise or Education) is the most common operating system used by engineers and our customers to run Ansys and what we recommend. That said, OS support does
vary by product, particularly Ansys's more specialized products and Ansys does also provide broad support
for Linux as well.

UnSupported Operating Systems
• Windows 7 (unsu1212orted bY. Mi crosoft) & Windows 8 may run Ansys,
however, they are officially unsupported and we have experienced software errors while running on these OS's. We strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 for compatibility, performance and security reasons.
• Mac OS is not supported and Ansys cannot be installed on this OS. While you should be able run Ansys on a
Windows Virtual Machine inside Mac OS with a program like Parellels, this is NOT supported and your mileage may vary in regards to compatibility and performance will be hindered.

3rd Party Software & Hardware Support
Visit Ansys' Platform Support webpage for further details regarding supported OS's and 3rd party software & hardware that integrates with Ansys, such as:
• Summary of Future Strategy and Plans
• Supported Operating Systems by Ansys Application
• Supported CAD Software & Versions

  Examples: ACIS,AutoCAD , CATIA,Creo,Fusion 360,IGES,Inventor,JT, Monte Carlo N-Particle, NX, Parasolid, Revit,Rhinoceros,SketchUp,Solid Edge, Solidworks, SpaceClaim, STEP

• Supported Browsers
• Supported 3Dconnexion Devices
• Supported GPU Accelerator and Co-Processor Capabilities
• Supported Graphics Cards

• Nvidia - Quadro GV,Quadro P, Quadro RTX,Quadro T, RTX,T
• AMO - Radeon Pro,Ryzen, Ryzen Pro
• Supported Interconnects
• Supported Job Schedulers & Queuing Systems Support
• Supported Remote Display Applications

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFO) Performance Considerations

CPU (Processor):                                              
• Core scaling in CFO software is very good, therefore focus on Cores • Frequency = Effective Frequency, with
slight bias towards frequency.
• Both AMO and Intel CPUs are recommended,as long as the latest generation (AMO Zen cores)

Memory (RAM):
• Recommended RAM quantity is simulation dependent,but general recommendation is 4-8 GB per core, with more for small core count systems
• Memory bandwidth is very important,therefore get high frequency RAM (Le 2666 MHz or faster for non­ servers)
• To operate at maximum speed,all memory channels in both processors should be populated with equal amounts of memory.

Hard Drives:
• SSD not as critical but is beneficial to the user experience. High endurance SSD is not strictly necessary.
• CFO does not do a lot of Disk 1/0, so you can use SATA drives.

Graphics and GPU Acceleration:  
See Mechanical recommendations above, no change.

• 1 Gb/s interconnect is effective for small to medium clusters,investing in better can have a good return on

Ansys CFO - ExamP.le Recommendations
• Workstation with NO HPC licenses i7-8700K (6 cores) with 64GB RAM, Ryzen 7 2700X (8 cores) with 64GB RAM
• Workstation with 1 HPC Pack i7-9920X (12 cores) with 64/128GB RAM, Threadripper 2950X (16 cores) with 64/128GB RAM
• Workstation with 2 HPC Packs Dual Xeon Gold 6140 (36 cores total) with 1921384 GB RAM, Dual EPYC 7351 or 7371 (32 cores total) with 128/256 GB

Mechanical Performance Considerations

CPU (Processor):
• Solver is aided by AVX5 12 support,thus IntelCPUs based on Skylake-SP and Skylake-X or newer are recommended. Check Intel ARK Database for AVX512 Support {but not Xeon Phi series)
• Examples of recommended CPUs for HPC applications: i9-9920X or Xeon Gold 6136 (12 cores}, Xeon Gold 6140 (18 cores • 2 = 36 cores)
• High core frequency is ideal, but actual frequency is dependent or core use,instruction set use,and adequate cooling WikiChiQ is an excellent resource on turbo speeds.

Memory (RAM):
• Memory capacity is very important The model solution should be solving in RAM (in-core) and not paging to
the hard drive (out-of-core ).About 15 GB per million degrees of freedom is required,but this is approximate (45 GB per million solid nodes in structural analysis).
• Fastest memory (Le. 2666 MHz for servers or 3200+ for i9 based desktops).
• To operate at maximum speed,all memory channels in both processors should be populated with equal amounts of memory.
• Note Purchasing more RAM will alleviate 1/0 issues,as (1) the solver can use this memory to avoid doing as much 1/0,and (2) the operating system can then use available RAM to cache or buffer these 1/0 that MAPDL writes.

Hard Drives:
• An SSD is highly recommended for all simulation work. NVMe SSDs are recommended when possible.
Intermediate endurance levels are recommended (-0 3 DWPD}, not QLC NANO.
• Note For DMP, the program writes results files for every core in use,so having SSDs with a lower seek time will reduce waiting for the hard drive seeks to read/write to all those different files. It also assists with post­ processing.
• Running large models out of RAM (out-of-core) will accelerate SSD wear (consume its write endurance) but is still preferable to not using an SSD.

• A mid-range graphics card (such as Nvidia Quadro P2000 and AMO Radeon Pro WX5100) can be used. These will not assist with solution time and only display graphics.
• Ansys maintains a list of tested graphics cards (other cards may/may not work as expected,but typically do work if of the same generation)
• Note It is important to keep graphics drivers updated from the card's vendor.
• Please refer to AnsY.S Hel12 and A nsY.S Platform Su1212ort for a recent list of supported Graphic Card models

GPU (for solution acceleration processing):
• If clustering, a very high-speed interconnect is mandatory (40 Gb/s plus).
• QDR or FDR IB interconnect (or better) if you will be running on two or more nodes in parallel.

Ansys Mechanical - ExamP.le Recommendations:
• Workstation with NO HPC licenses:i7-9800X (8 cores) with 64/128GB DDR4-3200
• Workstation with 1 HPC Pack i7-9920X (12 cores) with 128GB DDR4-3200
• Workstation with 2 HPC Packs Dual Xeon Gold 6140 (36 cores total} with 192/384 GB DDR4-2666

Electronics (EBU) Performance Considerations
CPU (Processor):
• Look for latest generation CPUs with high frequency.
• Note HFSS is primarily an in-core solver,so clock speed and RAM speed is important

Memory (RAM):
• Recommended RAM is 8 GB per core HFSS, Maxwell, and other Electronic Packages or typically 64 GB - 256GB.
• Memory bandwidth is important,therefore get high frequency RAM (Le. 2666 MHz).
• To operate at maximum speed,all memory channels in both processors should be populated with equal amounts of memory.

Hard Drives:
• An SSD is highly recommended for all simulation work. NVMe SSDs are recommended when possible. Intermediate endurance levels are recommended (-0 3 DWPD}, not QLC NANO.

Graphics and GPU Acceleration:
See Mechanical recommendations above, no change.

• QDR or FDR IB interconnect if you will be running on 2 or more nodes in parallel (on a cluster,minimum 1OGb

Discovery Live
Generol Requirements

Minimum requirements for Ansys Discovery software are as follows
• 64-bit Intel or AMO system, running Windows 10.
• 8 GB RAM
• A dedicated graphics card with latest drivers and at least 1GB video RAM, capable of supporting OpenGL 4.5 and DirectX 11, or higher. Use of integrated graphics (e g.Intel HD/IRIS) is not recommended and is not support by the Refine stage in Discovery. See below for special graphics requirements for ANSYS Discovery Live.
• 3 button mouse

Ansys Discovery Live and Discovery Explore Stage Graphics Card Requirements
Ansys Discovery Live or the Explore stage in Ansys Discovery relies on the latest GPU technology to provide its
computation and visualexperience. To run the software,you will require:
• A dedicated NVIDIA GPU card (Quadro recommended,GeForce supported) based on the Kepler, Maxwell,
Pascal,or Turing architecture. Maxwell 2000 or better strongly recommended.
• At least 4GB of video RAM (8GB recommended) on the GPU.


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دانلود ANSYS Discovery Ultimate 2023 R1 x64 - نرم افزار پیشرفته شبیه‌سازی مهندسی به صورت زنده و تعاملی

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